Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight

The New Mexico Chamber of Commerce (NMCC, formerly the New Mexico Association of Commerce and Industry) is the premier economic advocacy organization in New Mexico, with a mission to be “a driving force that unites the New Mexico business community to make our state a leader in industry, innovation, economic competitiveness and overall quality of life.”

They are an excellent partner to Powering New Mexico and have shown leadership in advocating for renewable energy’s economic benefits in the state. NMCC recently changed their name to be more in line with the work of supporting businesses nationally. As renewable energy continues to grow to fill its potential in New Mexico, NMCC is a critical partner.

The NMCC has set a robust 2021 policy agenda in the area of energy, with emphasis placed on issues of great importance to the renewable energy industry, calling for: “Policies that provide for the commercially viable development of energy infrastructure, including roads…electric transmission lines, energy storage,” and electricity distribution systems. As an economic-minded organization, the NMCC is on the same page with Powering New Mexico that increased investment in transmission, storage, and infrastructure are key to unlocking New Mexico wind and solar power’s immense economic potential. Further, they are committed to seeing a land-use permitting system that is “consistent, reasonable, and predictable,” which would help encourage further renewable energy development in the state and even help New Mexico export its abundant renewable energy resources. 

NMCC’s President and CEO Rob Black made it clear that NMCC views renewable energy expansion as a critical component of New Mexico’s economic recovery efforts from the economic devastation of the ongoing pandemic. In a piece recently published in the Santa Fe New Mexican, President Black wrote in praise of New Mexico’s burgeoning renewable energy industry, “We can build the manufacturing pipeline right here in New Mexico, from raw materials to finished product, and employ many more New Mexicans in high-paying jobs along the way. New Mexico is uniquely positioned to build America’s renewable energy economy from the ground up.” Read Rob Black’s full op-ed

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