Member Spotlight Blog: Ruidoso Valley Chamber of Commerce

Member Spotlight Blog: Ruidoso Valley Chamber of Commerce

Incorporated in 1941, the Ruidoso Valley Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to fostering growth, development and prosperity for Ruidoso and the surrounding community. With the recent growth in renewable energy development across Lincoln County, advocating for a business environment which attracts wind, solar, and energy infrastructure development and its ensuing economic benefits has become an important aspect of the Chamber’s work.

With Chamber members and community members alike poised to benefit from the economic impacts of renewable energy, the Ruidoso Valley Chamber has taken a strong stance of encouraging energy development that will serve the community.

Last year, the New Mexico Public Lands Commission approved leases for the Western Spirit Wind development in Lincoln and neighboring counties. This 1,000 megawatt project comprised of four wind farms will span multiple counties and help provide power to neighboring communities and folks all across New Mexico. The project is expected to support approximately 1,000 jobs at the height of construction and 100 jobs permanently.

The nearby Corona Wind Projects are comprised of seven projects which generate 3,000 megawatts of electricity, enough to power 25,000 New Mexico homes. These projects have brought substantial economic investment into the area, helping support New Mexico’s supply chain from manufacturing to shipping and logistics to supporting wind technicians working in Lincoln County.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration has reported that in 2021, wind and solar are expected to make up 70% of new U.S. generating capacity. With an abundance of wind and solar resources in the surrounding area, the Ruidoso Valley Chamber has shown leadership in guiding local business development around renewable energy. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that wind technician and solar technician are the number one and number three fastest growing jobs in the country. 

As the renewable energy sector grows in the United States, New Mexico is well positioned to host developments in solar, wind, storage, and transmission, bringing jobs, investment, and new businesses to communities across the state. The Ruidoso Valley Chamber of Commerce is ensuring Lincoln County is at the center of development. 

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