Member Spotlight, the Estancia Valley Economic Development Association

Member Spotlight, the Estancia Valley Economic Development Association

The Estancia Valley Economic Development Association (EVEDA) is dedicated to improving the region’s quality of life through building jobs that generate income and tax revenue in its community. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Estancia, as well as the renewable energy industry, had a very good year in 2020.

EVEDA’s small business focus supports their effort to bring economic benefits to the region. EVEDA worked with companies and local government officials to construct the Estancia Valley Wind Farm (to complement the three current utility scale wind farms in the county) and three transmission projects – including the Western Spirit Transmission Line.

Moriarty Mayor Ted Hart recently announced a partnership between Mesalands Community College and the Moriarty School District to bring wind energy educational courses along with student and adult trade courses and programs to the region, further supporting EVEDA’s mission of maximizing the regions renewable energy potential. 

Without the initial efforts made by EVEDA, it’s possible that none of this economic growth would have happened in the Estancia Valley. This community leadership is a prime example of how effectively embracing clean energy can be a real boon for a local economy.

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