Clean Energy Policy Issues in New Mexico

New Mexico’s Energy Future

New Mexico is poised to double its capacity to harness wind energy in the near term. In fact, the expansion of wind in New Mexico is a “must have” if we’re going to meet the goal of deriving 50% of our energy from renewable sources by 2030 and 80% by 2040 — as defined in the Energy Transition Act.

Today, New Mexico has some of the strongest, most reliable and least expensive wind energy in the nation. But it’s our ability to develop, generate and move this renewable power that will drive our sustainable New-Energy economy — one that will not only protect our environment, but also provide long-term opportunities and solid jobs in rural New Mexico.

Economic Development

More and more companies are demanding renewable energy sources as they consider where to grow their businesses. Facebook, Google, Netflix, and GM and dozens of other companies all want to power their facilities using renewable energy, and access to renewables has become a key part of their decision-making processes. New Mexico must be positioned to meet their needs.


We’ve all seen New Mexico’s wind kick up dust storms and wreck tumbleweed havoc, but now we have an opportunity to work those gusts to our advantage. In fact, neighboring states are ready to buy New Mexico’s wind energy — something that developers are already counting on. A number of important wind projects are already underway, but our transmission infrastructure is at or above capacity. If we’re going to fully realize our renewable future, we must be able to deliver our renewable energy to customers across the Southwest.

New Mexico’s best wind resources are in rural parts of the state with low electricity demand. Transmission will help bring low-cost wind to power-hungry cities, towns and manufacturing hubs. Wind projects under construction and in advanced development are enough to double the state’s current installed wind capacity, while creating jobs and helping to diversify the economy. But to unlock New Mexico’s full wind power potential, the state must expand transmission infrastructure and continue to implement successful renewable energy policies.

Strengthening Rural Communities

New Mexico’s rural communities stand to benefit tremendously from the continued growth of renewable energy. For decades, these areas have suffered a mind and muscle drain as opportunities and jobs migrated to cities and other states. Wind development offers a sustainable and long-lasting solution to this crippling reality. It provides a way for rural communities to revitalize their economies, grow their tax bases, and develop high-paying jobs, both during construction and over the long-term, as these facilities require skilled and knowledgeable management, maintenance and compliance personnel.

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